Ashitaba Tea - The Original Ashitaba Percent from Hachi Jo Island, Japan. The King of greenish yellow vegetables, Ashitaba is filled with Nutrition for good health. Organic and Caffeine FREE. Chalcone

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What Is Ashitaba?

Discovery of the Century: Ashitaba from Japan Hachi Jo Island (Longevity Island)

Ashitaba,the extreme high quality, grows in the riches of Nature Hachijo Island.

Hachijo Island is one of the Longevity Islands in Japan. In this Island, Ashitaba has been served as Japanese daily vegetable for many years. Authentic Ashitaba grows only on Hachijo Island and surrounding Japanese area.

According to the ancient document of Hachijo Island, it is said that, "Ashitaba will grow up moreover, if they get a sea breeze." That is the proof that Ashitaba grows strongly by much mineral of seawater and it shows us a strong life force. We are very proud of the high quality of Hachijo Island's Ashitaba, that grows with the blessing of earth, sea and sun.

The King of greenish yellow vegetables, Ashitaba is filled with Nutrition for the health.

It is said that when you pick its leaves today, the new tender leaf will sprout tomorrow. It might be exaggeratedly, but it relatively grows faster than other vegetables.

It has a strong life force and its effective nutrition is verified by the scientifical analysis. Ashitaba contains much Carotene, Vitamin, Mineral, Calcium and especially much Vegetable fiber which are superior to other greenish yellow vegetables.

Ashitaba also contains the unique nutrition, Chalcone, you will see this yellowish element when you cut Ashitaba.

This Chalcone has been realized that it has various effective functions. Ashitaba is the king of health vegetables, because its nutrition is above other vegetables and it has been expected of its features.

Deliver from the Farm and Factory of Hachijo Island directly. Only the fresh sprout is used to process the products.

There are many "Ashitaba products" in the market. But "Ashitaba Percent" products are high quality products and they were made from 100% pure fresh Japanese Ashitaba plants. Ashitaba Percent process the products by the fresh leaves that were grown at its own public farm, in its sanitary factory.

Ashitaba Percent controls its quality with strict inspection from the Osaka University of Pharmacy or Japan's public inspection authority.

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