Ashitaba Tea - The Original Ashitaba Percent from Hachi Jo Island, Japan. The King of greenish yellow vegetables, Ashitaba is filled with Nutrition for good health. Organic and Caffeine FREE. Chalcone

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Percent 36 Energy Booster (Cereal Powder)

"Percent 36" is originating from the ancient eastern world. It is a natural, complete nutritional food product developed by doctors, nutritionists, and biopharmicists, while being manufactured using modern technology. 36 select ingredients chosen from hundreds of nutrients from plants and phytochemicals including grains, beans, flowers, fruits, vegetables, teas, and ashitaba, the king of the wild vegetables. It is the perfect combination of the essences of various plants. "Percent 36" additionally contains Active Lactic Acid Bacteria, Oligo, Immune Golbulin, DHA and Lecithin.

"Percent 36" provides complete and balanced nutrition to the whole body and keeps them active, function properly, and healthy.

No artificial color, flavor, or preservatives added.

"Percent 36" contains a high value of dietary fibers that are excellent for a healthy life. Slight sedimentation may occur in mixture.

"Percent 36" contains Ashitaba, the king of the wild vegetables, which may cause a light green color to appear in the packaging.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Mix 1 bag of Percent 36 in a 200cc(7 oz.) glass of warm water, mix thoroughly. Or mix with milk, cream, sugar, coffee or cocoa as your taste.

NET WEIGHT: 1200g / 42.26 oz. (30g x 40 Bags)

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Percent Ashitaba Tea (2.5grams X 40 Bags) - Retail $35
Our price $28.00

Ashitaba Tea Bag (2.5grams X 40 Bags)
Ashitaba Powder 50gX2/Box - Retail $49.00
Our price $43.00

Ashitaba Powder
Percent Ashitaba Sprout Tablets 50gX2/Box - Retail $49.00
Our price $45.00

Ashitaba Powder
Percent 36 Energy Booster(Cereal Powder) 30g x 40 Bags - Retail $49.00
Our price $43.00

Percent 36

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