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What is "Ashitaba"?

Ashitaba is a specie of the celery family. The scientific name is known as Angelica Keiskei Koidzmi. There are numerous medicinal herbs of the same genus to which Ashitaba belongs, such as Radix Angelicae Sinasis, Radix Angelicae Pubescentis, Rhizoma Liguistici Chuanxiong, etc. Ashitaba can be found on the Edo Islands, especially Hachi Jo Island for the best quality. In the days of the Edo Era, the Hachi Jo Island Ashitaba was also known as the "Longevity Herb"

Why is Ashitaba known as the "Longevity Herb" and Hachi Jo Island known as the "Longevity Island"?

Since ancient times, the residents of Hachi Jo Island were known for their longevity. They are rarely infected with modern diseases such as cancer, irregular blood pressure, strokes, cardia infarction, alzheimer disease, etc. Tracing the reasons for their longevity, they found the residents consumed raw Ashitaba as their daily vegetable to preserve their health. Records of Hachi Jo Island show that Ashitaba was the "Longevity Herb" that the First Emperor of China of the Chin Dynasty was searching for.

What makes Ashitaba grown on Hachi Jo Island different?

The special soil of this volcanic island along with the black tide of the Pacific Ocean enrich the Ashitaba grown on Hachi Jo Island. Ashitaba grown in Korea, Taiwan and other areas have been tested to blossom pre-maturely (8~16 months), compared with Ashitaba grown on Hachi Jo Island which blossom around 4 years. The differences are the loss of nutrients and most importantly, the absence of the "Chalcon" element. This condition is similar to "Ginseng", which is best grown in Korea. Only Ashitaba grown on Hachi Jo Island is approved by medical study and research in Japan.

What is "Chalcon"? What does it do?

Ashitaba contains a thick, sticky yellow juice, which is not found in other celery plants. This yellowish element in Ashitaba is neither a flower pigment nor a carotene, but rather two kinds of "Chalcon" conductors, named "Xanthoangelol" and "4-Hydroxyderricin". The main functions of the "Chalcon" are: purifies blood, strengthens immune system, monitors cholesterol level, regulates blood pressure, suppresses cytophy, antibacterial, prevents cancer, and promotes metabolism.

What does "PerCent Ashitaba" mean?

In Hachi Jo Island, Ashitaba products are researched and developed by Osaka University of Pharmaceutical together with Hachi Jo Island Agriculture Association. They appointed Daiken Co., in Hachi Jo Island to manufacture Ashitaba with its patented technology (PAT: 1419841). Because this patented technology, all Ashitaba products contain 100% of its original nutrients, color and flavor. Nothing was lost or destroyed during this process, so the finished products is therefore called "PerCent" Ashitaba.

Why is "PerCent" Ashitaba known as the "edible cosmetic"?

"PerCent" Ashitaba is valuable for purifying blood and strengthening damaged cells. Long time users also benefit from smooth skin. For post-surgery patients, the wounds heal faster with less scarring.

Can I take "PerCent" Ashitaba with prescription medicine at the same time?

Yes, it is highly recommend. Taking Ashitaba daily can reduce the side effects of "drugs" or "treatments". Ashitaba provides balanced nutrition and also boosts the immune system.

How to choose Ashitaba Product?

With all the different "Ashitaba" products in the market, consumers must wisely choose the Ashitaba product that is certified by an approved organization. The nutritional chart must indicate the date of the exam and the official certification number. We urge all consumers to compare the quality within before making your purchase.

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