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The Ashitaba stem contains the thick, sticky-yellow juice, which is not found in other celery plants. This yellow pigment element in Ashitaba is neither flower pigment nor carotene, but rather two kinds of CHALCONE conductors, named "Xanthoangelol" and "4-Hydroxyderricin." While the Ashitaba produced on Hachi Jo Island is rich in these two conductors, almost little or no such substances are found in other Ashitaba plants produced outside of the island.


The main functions of the CHALCONE are: purifies blood, strengthens immune system, monitors cholesterol level, regulates blood pressure, suppresses acid secretion, prevents thrombus, suppresses cytophy, antibacterial, prevents cancer, and promotes metabolism.

The most characteristic element found in Hachi Jo Island Ashitaba-CHALCONE


CHALCONE conductor contents in "PERCENT" Ashitaba Products (100g)

Analysis %
Xanthoangelol 0.2509
4-Hydroxyderricin 0.0680
Total % of CHALCONE 0.3189
Total weight of CHALCONE in 100g
"PERCENT" Ashitaba product

Above Test and Analysis by Osaka University of Pharmacy, published at the 1990 Pharmacology Convention.

Rich, Complete Balanced Nutrition

Besides the unique substance - CHALCONE, Hachi Jo Island Ashitaba also contains protein, amino acid, vitamins and minerals. Compared to other vegetables, it contains more Potassium, a mineral with diuretic effect. We often hear people say that after eating Ashitaba, urination is especially unimpeded. With this diuretic effect, the blood pressure is lowered.

Let us read the composition table of the Ashitaba from Hachi Jo Island, which were sampled and inspected by the Japan Food Analysis Center.

Composition of Nutrients - "PERCENT" Ashitaba Products (100g)

Constituent Content
Vitamin A 21300IU
Vitamin B1 1.15mg
Vitamin B2 1.97mg
Vitamin B6 1.11mg
Vitamin B12 0.04 ug
Vitamin C 330mg
Vitamin E 25.6mg
(Vitamin H)
28.5 ug
Food Fiber 28.1g
Total Carotene 38.3mg
Manganese 216mg
Pantothenic Acid 3.48mg
Calcium 478mg
Iron 31.9mg
Potassium 4.06g
Sodium 365mg
Protein 36.8mg

The above analysis was done by the Japan FDA OS (28030263).

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